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We MIGWANG CONTACT LENS CO.,LTD. as a manufacturer and Exporter specializing in Soft Contact Lens, have tried our best effort to develope higher technology and product since our inception.By these efforts, our technology and quality was proved to besatisfactory for various needs of worldwide market, and we revised our certificates to ISO9001, ISO13485 & CE0120 in 2003.
Now, we maintain a firm and concrete business channel all oner the world with brand power.

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icon 회원 가입일   2006/08/16 (년/월/일)
icon 역할 구분   판매상
icon 사업형태   제조업체
icon 설립년도   2000
icon 총 종업원수   101 - 500
icon 연간매출   USD 10,000,001 - 50,000,000

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icon 회사명 (주)미광콘택트렌즈
icon 주소 경상북도 경산시 남천면 협석리 116-2
(우:712-881) 한국
icon 전화번호 82 - 53 - 7946900
icon 팩스번호 82 - 53 - 7457203
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